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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community 10,000 PMP VIPs!

10,000 PMP VIPs!

by grace | Community, Deals, Discounts, Forum, News, Stories

We’re nearly there. And it’s all thanks to our members!

Last week, we announced the changes to the PMP Competitions Facebook group. Now it’s known as PMP VIPs (to celebrate how special our members are) and it’s going to have a lot more than just updates on our PMPComps giveaways. We had a bit of fun with the name and graphic, but rest assured PMP is all about inclusiveness (as long as you are in the UK and over 18 of course!)

Can’t get enough of Pick My Postcode? This is the group to join. Like our blog posts and Survey Draw, there’s always something to talk about. Is checking the website on your own not enough? Why not pop over to the group with ten thousand others who feel the same, and see what’s going on?

The group is what you make of it. Want to see more about local areas and things to do? What do people across the country think of recent news? We might share some special offers and discounts too. If you used them, how did it go? We always love to hear from our members. You might get a “coffee cup” badge for commenting! It means you’re a “conversation starter”.

So, don’t fear on missing out. To join, click here to be redirected to the main page. You’ll see the new lovely black and gold header image! Underneath it, there’ll be a blue button labelled “+ Join Group” — and, that’s it! Don’t worry if you’re not added immediately. We approve people manually, just to make sure the group is safe and you’re only talking with real people.

Now, we know that some PMPers don’t have an account on Facebook. That’s nothing to worry about. We’d still love to hear from you. Our email and Twitter account are still open. And as always, the blog will always continue when you want to hear from us.

Emma x