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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Money Making Apps

Money Making Apps

by Chris | Earn money online, Money Saving


FPL’s Money Whizz Shona Marsh tells us how she makes money using innovative task apps on her smart phone. Read on, download and take up her £100 by Christmas challenge!

We’re in an age where 76% of people in the UK own a smartphone and the number and type of apps you can download are increasing. From games to finance management, social media to popping bubblewrap, they’ve thought of everything. And that also now includes the ability to earn money. With in-built cameras, GPS, internet and video, smartphones are the ideal product for market research and business monitoring. Read on to find out my top apps for earning money from your smartphone, all of these apps are free to download and join. I’m also setting you a challenge, and I’m taking part too, can you earn £100 before Christmas with these apps?


Roamler is the app that I’ve had the longest but isn’t necessarily the most lucrative in terms of earning power. You have to complete a number of unpaid tasks (i.e. what’s in your fridge, take a picture of a drawing you’ve done of the Roamler logo, describe your favourite holiday etc.) to work through to different levels on earn XPs (Experience Points). The higher the level you’re on, the more paid tasks you’re likely to receive, often with a higher reward, you need to be on Level 2 or higher to receive paid tasks, but it doesn’t take long to get those 500 points. Common tasks include produce checks in supermarkets and taking pictures of restaurant or takeaway menus. They’re pretty simple, but the frequency of them will depend on your location.

Cash out: via PayPal, 2% charge below £20, free to withdraw £20+
Average task pay: £3
Devices: Android and Apple

Field Agent

field agent
Field Agent uses us ‘agents’ across the country to help big companies carry out business checks on their products and services, and sales outlets. They’re pretty simple mystery shop and market research tasks which usually involve photo uploads and answering a few questions. My Field Agent app is never without a task on it, although they can be a lot further away than I’m willing to travel for. However, they are frequently refreshed with new tasks. Common tasks include checking street names and locations, product checks and drink service checks (yes, get paid to order a drink).

Cash out: via PayPal, no minimum withdrawal (have to log in to a web browser to withdraw)
Average task pay: £4.50
Devices: only Apple

Clic and Walk

clik and walk
Clic and Walk are a French company (hence the ‘clic’ rather than ‘click’) but have a UK-based workforce and tasks as well. They have some shop-based tasks, but the majority of the tasks that I receive are smaller day-to-day tasks that are more for ‘fun’ and to keep you engaged with the app in between the bigger tasks that come out. Clic and Walk have partnered with the Trussell Trust, a charity who provide emergency food and support for people in crisis in the UK. When you cash out your bonus, you can choose to donate some of it directly to the Trussell Trust. This is similar to the Free Postcode Lottery option for charitable giving as well and I like the gesture. Also, you can donate to them directly through the app, and for every mission worth £6 or more completed, Clic and Walk donates an extra 50p. Common tasks include photo-based shop tasks for product availability.

Cash out: via PayPal, £3 minimum
Average task pay: 40p for day-to-day tasks, £3 for shop-based tasks
Devices: Apple and Android


This is a relatively new app to me and I haven’t had any tasks in my local area since I’ve had it, I’ve only seen one in London, perhaps as it matures, more tasks will come out. But the aim of the app is similar to the others in the list, with market research, consumer research and shop-based tasks. Common tasks include shop visits, audits of items you have at home and questionnaires.

Cash out: via PayPal, paid directly after a task is finished
Average task pay: £4
Devices: Apple and Android

Task 360

task 360
Task 360 is a relatively new app, but from the same people who created Field Agent, so they know what they’re doing and there are lots of tasks available. However, instead of the usual shop-based tasks, they’re moving more to logistical problem-solving. So they’re moving the new street checkers and other problem-solving tasks to Task 360 from Field Agent. Common tasks include street sign checks, road name checks and billboard checks.

Cash out: via PayPal, £7.50 minimum
Average task pay: £4
Devices: only Apple


Streetspotr is designed with retail in mind I haven’t actually managed to track down a Streetspotr task to do myself yet as they aren’t as nationwide as some of the other more established apps in the UK. For example, today, there are three tasks available across the UK, one in Exeter, one in North Wales and one in Norfolk. Common tasks include menu checks (Hungry House is one of their clients), promotion checks and product checks.

Cash out: via PayPal, £10 minimum
Average task pay: £4
Devices: Android and Apple

A number of the apps also run in a number of other countries including the USA, Romania, Germany, Australia and so you might even be able to earn some extra money while you’re on holiday. Also remember that you have to complete the tasks to the standard required and with all of the information required for them to be accepted and the payment to be made, so make sure you read the instructions properly and take time filling everything in, remember that you’re being paid for a reason so don’t do a bodge-job.

Overall, Field Agent and Task 360 have had the most number of tasks available to me, with the highest potential to earn. However, both are only available on Apple devices and don’t yet have an Android app. Also, if you don’t live in a town or city then you are likely going to need to travel to fulfil lots of the tasks here. But if you plan your journeys well then you can definitely earn valuable money, I’ve been able to plan an easy 2 hour, 20 mile route £25 journey, and that was just on one app in a rural location – if you’re in a city you can probably earn a lot more. On other days I’ve done a 20 minute walk and earned £10. A good place to keep an eye on to know when lots of tasks are going to be uploaded to the apps is the Money Shed Twitter as they often know a few days before when a bulk of tasks are being uploaded.

I’m taking up a challenge and want you to join me too. I’m going to try to make £100 from these money-making apps before Christmas, and want some Free Postcode Lottery fans to join me too. Let us know how you get on and I’ll post the results in a January blog post so everyone can see how we’ve got on – I’ll take a screenshot of each app’s balance on Christmas Eve.

Do you have any other apps that you use to carry out tasks to earn money?