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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Giveaways Find this postcode and win £50!

Find this postcode and win £50!

by Chris | Giveaways, Postcode Hunt

Know your postcodes? Fancy yourself as an amateur sleuth? Failing those, like free money? The first PMPer to tell us the FULL postcode for this photo will be sent £50 via Paypal! Submit your guesses in the comments

UPDATE: There are actually two different postcodes in the photo: M38 0DR and M38 0DS. They were both identified just 2.5 hours after we announced the competition and the two winners have been sent £50 each. Well done Jordan and Bethany. We’ll have to make it harder next time! (Thirsty) Chris.

The winner will be the first person who enters the full postcode in either of the comments sections. To keep it fair, please leave it to five guesses per day. ie. If you get it right, but it’s your sixth guess of the day, it goes to the next person who gets it right.

Keep an eye out for clues. Will nudge you along if you’re struggling. Although it only took 4 hours to identify the postcode when we last did this on our Facebook page…

Closes: Midday 10th March. If no one has guessed it, Chris will spend the money on beer.