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Hailed as the new Nina Simone, Caiine is a Cheshire-based artist, who began working with her current writing partner and producer in 2017. Their work can be characterised as mellow, synth-filled, alternative R&B, drawing influences from the roots of soul music and contemporary R&B.

Subdivide is about a relationship, but it’s more about the relationship you have with yourself. When you build yourself up from the deepest low and you realise that the “growth” you thought you’d achieved was fragile, like you built the foundations in a sinking city and how it’s so easy to look back at where you were and feel tempted just to give up again, because what’s the point? But you’re fighting it and it hurts and you’re trying to sever that connection you still have with your old self and do some actual growing. It’s like a love-hate relationship with yourself.

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