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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Today we welcome Teez from rap group Kingdom to the Video Draw with a short sample from their Small Room Sessions series.

Find out more about Kingdom Records on their InstagramSoundcloud & Youtube.

The Rap Club Educational Programme puts performance and composition at the core in developing excellence in musicianship for young people. This is embedded within the Rap Club Curriculum (available to schools/educators delivering the programme) and the 6 “Rap Club Rules”. Whilst Rap is core to the project, all instrumental specialisms/modern genres are welcome for exploration within Rap Club. Pupils are encouraged to be thoroughly original in their approach to music whilst being mentored to engage positively in their own communities and narratives.

A core goal of Rap Club is “to provide a positive, high-quality and engaging alternative to negative/violent youth cultures and music, through both music and community”.

Schools/educators leading their own affiliated Rap Club projects are supported in their provision and invited to attend the annual Rap Club Conference. This is where Rap Clubs come together to share their music and engage in friendly competition (including Drum Offs and Rap Battles). If you are interested in supporting the project or starting your own, please contact Rap Club Here.

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