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Blog FPL Selfie Competition Winners

FPL Selfie Competition Winners

by Chris | Giveaways, News

Thanks to all who posted their selfies, not-selfies, and near-selfies to our Facebook page. It’s time to announce the winners!

When I announced the competition I had originally set May 31st as the deadline, however, partly due to being very busy, and partly because so many of the entries were not strictly “selfies”, I delayed until now. Famously, the word ‘Selfie’ was added to the Oxford English dictionary last year. Their definition is:

A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website:

So, armed with the definition above I selected the 10 most ‘Liked’ selfies:

Position Name Likes
1 Sarah Maton 11
2 Nicci Bond 5
3 David Temple 3
4-5 Sharon Simpson, Julie Fuller 2
6-10 Rachel Hatton Emery, Becca Diack, Amy Carol Bennett, Lin Bailey, Karen Price 1

Apologies to anyone who missed out or was disqualified (I realise that the photo that accompanied the post contained non-selfie photos, but the purpose of that was to show the T-Shirt rather than to demonstrate what a selfie is). There will be plenty of opportunities to win T-Shirts (and maybe other FPL goodies) in future.

I’ll be in touch with the winners to arrange delivery.

Well done guys! 🙂