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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Giveaways Win £10s from your referrals

Win £10s from your referrals

by Chris | Competitions, Giveaways

UPDATE: The winners have been selected. 26 £10 prizes have been won by 20 PMPers. One of whom won £40 in total. Winners have been contacted. Thanks to everyone for taking part 🙂

What’s a referral?
A referral is when you send your personalised referral link to a friend, family, stranger or enemy and they use it to sign up to PMP. This can be through social media, Whatsapp, email, text message, posting to websites, or old-fashioned word of mouth. When they sign up they are marked on the system as one of your referrals. They earn you extra Bonus (more here) and during November, could win you real money.

Get your personal referral link here.

Or press this to launch the referral widget

How does the “Rafferal” work?
“Rafferal” is a referral raffle (see what we did?). Each qualifying referral* made in November will give you a 5% chance of winning £10, transferred via Paypal. If you make 100 qualifying referrals in November you would expect to win around £50, although there’s no guarantee. You may win more!

How can we afford this?
As you know, 2020 has been tough for us, as it has been for many. We have has a good couple of months though, but we can’t assume it will continue, especially as Lockdown 2 looms. The theory is that each qualifying referral should make us around 50p of revenue back in a few months, so hopefully we’ll cover our losses. And hopefully you’ll get some extra spending money for Christmas. Winners will be drawn, paid and notified on Friday 18th of December.

You may have noticed I keep saying “qualifying referral”…

*Hang on… I saw an asterisk
A qualifying referral is one that reaches 50p Bonus or more by Friday 18th December. Why not all referrals? Nearly half of our members sign up and never come back. It’s a mystery… If they do come back for a few days they tend to get into the habit. We’re confident that having a 50p Bonus is a good sign that they are here to stay. Also, it stops abusers from creating loads of fake accounts to game the system.

As well as winning you £10 prizes, your referrals will earn you referral bonus as per usual. More about that here.

And to help you persuade, we’ve put together 10 reasons why you should enter the Pick My Postcode free daily lottery.

Good luck, and happy sharing!

Chris & Team 🙂