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Blog Christmas Quiz 5 - 2022 General Knowledge

Quiz 5 – 2022 General Knowledge

by May | Christmas, Entertainment, Quiz


Are we all excited about the New Year? Do you have any resolutions decided yet? One last quiz for you to end the year. If you’ve ever seen the TV Show “The Big Fat Quiz of the Year” then I wanted to do a similar thing to that. This quiz will be a few questions about things that have happened throughout the course of 2022, so I hope you enjoy it. Same as before, the answers will be released on Monday so you have to wait until next year to find out how you did.
Good Luck and remember it’s just for fun!

1. Who did Novak Djokovic beat in the men’s final at Wimbledon?

2. The February number one ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ was taken from which Disney film?

3. Who did Ronnie O’Sullivan beat in the final of the 2022 World Snooker Championship in Sheffield?

4. Who did Will Smith slap at the Oscars?

5. In January the first successful human heart transplant using a donor heart from which type of animal took place?

6. Which of these was not made a city in 2022 as part of the Platinum Jubilee? 

a) Alnwick  b) Dunfermline  c) Wrexham

7. Which country won the 2022 Rugby Union Six Nations Championship?

8. Which famous actor, known for his role in ‘Minder’ for which he sang the theme tune passed away in May?

9. In which sport did Eve Muirhead lead her team to gold in the 2022 Winter Olympics?

10. Which BBC Two music show reached its’ 30th year of broadcasting?

11. How many days did Liz Truss last as Prime Minister?

12.  Though not yet in law, in April, a proposed update to the Highway Code will allow drivers of self-driving cars to watch television on inbuilt screens. 

a) True b) False

13. In July the former Prime Minister of which major country was assassinated whilst giving a public speech?

14. Which famous actor, known for her role as a mystery writer and amateur detective passed away in October?

15. Which long-running medical drama aired its final episode in March, after 23 years on our screens?

Thanks for playing and good luck in future draws 🙂