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Blog PRICE RISES COMING: Demand cheaper tariffs

PRICE RISES COMING: Demand cheaper tariffs

by Chris | Giveaways, Money Saving, Special offer, Tips

UPDATE: npower have just announced will they will raise standard tariff electricity prices by 15% from 16 March, and gas prices by 4.8%. Being the first of the “Big Six” to do this, the others are likely to follow. Now’s the perfect time to join our TariffTeam energy collective and secure exclusive market-beating fixed tariffs before your bills shoot up.

tariffteam - Join us and demand cheaper bills. You might win a year's free energy

Last year we launched TariffTeam.com and saved FPL members over £500,000 on their annual energy bills and this year we want to save even more! We were overwhelmed with quite how well it went with one FPLer saving over £1,600 per year. Now we’re back for another switch in February + a chance to win a year’s supply of energy. Join us now!

If you’re not signed up to TariffTeam.com please do so.

How does it work?

By joining TariffTeam.com you become part of a large group of potential customers that energy companies fight to win by lowering their prices in a reverse auction. If you’re already signed up from last time, you can just sit tight for now. The reverse auction finishes, and the switching starts on Monday the 14th of February (how romantic!). We’ll try our hardest to remind you but do add it to your calendar just in case. If you haven’t, you must sign up before the switching window starts. More information on how TariffTeam.com works

Win a year’s free energy

Anyone who enters and switches via TariffTeam.com during the switching window will automatically be entered into a random draw to win a year’s free energy. The winner will be announced on Monday the 20th of February and paid through PayPal (in the normal FPL way). The amount will be equal to the estimated annual bill calculated during the switching process.

Feedback from last time

“Just done my collective switch with Eon through FPL and already received email confirmation. I did a collective switch last year with Eon via another switching company, with no problems and saved £350, I’ve just saved another £85 with your switch – great !! Thanks.” – Anne

“Thank you very much to the Tariff Team, I not only saved £275 from my current deal but the renewal price in June has gone up by £250 so i saved over £500 by switching : )” – Jit

“Thank you! I’m saving around £386 a year!” – Shelley

“Yay. Just saved mother in law £317 a year. Thank you.” – Wendy

“Saved over £500 a year! Awesome, thanks!” – Jo

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A few things you should know:

  1. All 30 energy suppliers are invited to take part in the reverse auction.
  2. If you are happy to stay with your current provider, or would like to switch to a non-winning deal then you are free to do so.
  3. Suppliers pay a commission when you switch. We receive a commission from the energy supplier you choose, typically £25-£30 per fuel. Part of this comes to us and the rest is retained by energyhelpline who are powering the switching service.
  4. A winning green alternative tariff will be offered.

Any questions? Please check out our Tariff Team FAQ page.

Join TariffTeam.com