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Blog Our Top 5 Unnecessary "Brainers"

Our Top 5 Unnecessary “Brainers”

by Chris | Brainers

brainersSigning up to FPL is often described as a “no brainer”. In fact, it’s so simple that people often jump to conclusions about what they think we’re hiding. Anyway, this got us thinking… What is the opposite of a “no brainer”? What are the most unnecessarily complicated things from every day life?

Here are our top 5 “Brainers”:

  1. Ring Pulls: you’ve got home from work late and you’re trying to make dinner quickly, you go to open the can of chopped tomatoes and the ring pull comes off. You slice your finger prizing it open with a spoon.
  2. Wires: they always get tangled up, no matter how hard you try to sort them out, they always find a way to get tied up! Wires want to be tangled.
  3. Packaging: you’ve bought a new pair of scissors and they come in tight plastic packaging that cannot be opened by human hands. If only you had a pair of scissors handy…
  4. Cling film: Cling film is a necessary evil at the best of times, but it’s made ten times worse when it decides to get inexplicably wound back to front… How?
  5. Cufflinks / Bracelets: Please manufacturers… Spend less on celebrities in your adverts and more on one-handed fastening mechanisms!

We had so much fun venting about these that we’d love to hear about your most irritating “Brainers”. Perhaps have innovative solutions or “lifehacks” of your own. Please do tell us in the comments!


Vic 🙂