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Why do we remove entries from the draws?

To make the draws as fair as possible for genuine players we temporarily remove members who have not visited for any time between 1 week and 4 months, depending on a number of factors including how active the member was before s/he became inactive. We’d love to publish the rules for determining this, but we don’t want to hand potential cheaters the recipe for gaming the site.

This makes it less likely that someone who signed up years ago can get a tip-off about a win and deprive a rollover from members who participate in the site as intended. It also makes it less likely that you miss out on a win because you had stopped coming to the site for whatever reason.

If your entry is at risk of going ‘dormant’ then we send out notifications to prompt you to visit and help diagnose why your daily alerts aren’t getting through. The easiest steps to ensure your daily emails are getting through are:

Please rest assured that we do this to keep the site fair and protect our loyal members from cheats, automated bots, and so on.

If you are going on holiday and won’t be able to check the results you can manually remove yourself from the draws by ticking “Holiday mode” on your account page.


Chris & Team.