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Blog News Stay positive and stick together, but APART!

Stay positive and stick together, but APART!

by Chris | Community, News

ANOTHER UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who completed the Government COVID-19 survey. It’s closed now, but we have another one from University College London about understanding the social impact of the crisis. Please complete that one here. Thanks again! Chris

chrisThere’s no doubt that what’s happening is awful, but we’ve been wondering what we can do to help with the bad stuff, and focus on the good. Six months ago, half of us were fighting the other half, but we’re now pointing in the same direction. What can we do together?

This week we asked 2,000 of you “What, if any, positive thing(s) do you think might come out of the coronavirus crisis?” Predictably, we had a lot of “Nothing” and some anger for even asking in the first place, but the top five positives in order of mentions were:

1. Improved sense of community / caring for society / community cohesion (426)

2. Improved hygiene (187)

3. Environmental benefit / Climate change (152)

4. More appreciation of one another and the simple things in life (71)

5. Better future preparedness / planning (66)

Clearly, now is the time to leverage our communities, both local and online. We’ve seen some amazing things on the news, from letter dropping to vulnerable neighbours to massive online choirs. There will be many of these, and their effects will long outlast the damage that we’re now seeing, and fearing.

Every day 230,000 of you visit us, and you’re evenly spread across the UK. 100,000 thousand of you answer survey question(s) and watch a video. We’ve seen what the PMP crowd can achieve when we collectively get behind something.

Over the coming weeks you will see message, blogs, and be asked to answer survey questions. Please take them seriously. We will be doing whatever we can to help the fight, and we need your cooperation.

For now, you can help by sharing your recommendations for helpful online resources on this simple form.

We’ll work out how we can get these out to people in your area. In the meantime, please feel free to suggest other ideas for getting the best out of our community in the comments section(s) below.

Stay safe and be positive

Chris & Team x