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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Websites These Emojis won Emily $1,000

These Emojis won Emily $1,000

by Chris | Competitions, Freebies, Giveaways, News, Prizes, Websites

PMP’s long-lost little brother, Freemojilottery.com is nearly 2 years old and has seen some crazy rollovers recently. Emily scooped $1,000 in a 49-times rollover!

Ok, why so many rollovers, and what’s with the dollars anyway? Freemoji Lottery‘s main draw starts at $20. Unlike PMP, we don’t automatically remove entries after a period of inactivity. Because of various distractions, which have been well covered on this very page, we’ve not given the site as much love as we should have. We haven’t really promoted it very much, so very few new users are introduced to replace the ones that have dropped off. These people are still in the draws but, for whatever reason, don’t bother to turn up and claim when they’ve won. We give away dollars because two years ago we were going to take over the world (we still might, but let’s be realistic). PMP is confined to the boundaries of the UK postcode system, whereas emojis are a global language, so we let anyone, anywhere sign up (as long as they’re over 18), and the US Dollar was the closest thing to a global currency.

Freemojilottery.com is essentially the same as PMP. A daily draw that rolls over if unclaimed. Members choose a unique 5 emoji combo and get a daily email to remind them to check if it has won. As well as the main draw, the Fivers Draw gives away five $5 per day. It was launched on World Emoji Day (July 17th 2016), embarrassingly within hours of another free daily emoji lottery which, for commercial reasons I won’t name. 100% coincidence, and 100% “great minds think alike”. We were all gobsmacked. Please DO NOT search for this and sign up as the two founders, Matt and James murder kittens for fun 🐱💀

(The team are making me point out that this is almost certainly not true…)

Emily signed up a few weeks after it launched, so we’re really pleased that the big prize went to such a dedicated Freemojite. She’s spending her winnings on a cruise to celebrate her dad’s birthday:

“I’ve won a few small things but never anything as big as this. I didn’t even realise I’d won at first, I had to look twice!!”

There’s no reason why Freemoji Lottery shouldn’t be as successful as PMP and, of course, Winadinner.com. Perhaps it can be even bigger. Perhaps even the global success we once dreamed of. More importantly for you, it’s a good time to get on board as you might just win a silly amount of money. If you sign up now, we’ll promise to give it the love it deserves.


🍄🍣🍁🌶🧀 (Chris)