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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog News 2020 Re-Vision

2020 Re-Vision

by Chris | News, Winner feedback

chris2020 is over! How was it? OK, it was awful, but some good stuff happened, most of which I suspect we’ll only fully appreciate in retrospect. For now, we can be pleased that 2020 did a lot for science, the air, the South Korean film industry, and for neighbours.

At one time we thought it might be the end for us, as it has been for so many small businesses, but we ended up giving away £287,682 to our members, as well as nearly £3,000 to charity through our Double & Donate scheme. So, how did you all do?

The postcode areas with the biggest total wins were:

Region Claimed Winners Misses
B £17922.23 144 982
WA £9997.22 96 654
PO £9833.91 85 600
BT £9705.05 82 880
M £9358.40 80 621

This would be expected, because these are the postcode areas with the most members. For example, B (Birmingham) has 34,754 active members. If we look at the amount won per active member we can see that the most “lucky” postcode areas were:

Region Claimed Winners Misses Members Pence per member
IM £5059.86 43 164 5062 £1.00
GY £2935.33 30 158 3208 £0.92
TR £5636.68 29 148 6534 £0.86
DD £4018.03 17 95 4947 £0.81
WF £7273.00 25 200 9169 £0.79

Actually, it’s probably more accurate to praise the dedication of our members in IM, GY, TR, DD, and WF, because you make your own luck in PMP, by remembering to check the winning results!

Before I lock 2020 away for good, I want to thank all of you who take the time to come back to us each day. We really appreciate the support, especially the lovely reviews and comments. Here’s a few of our favourites from 2020:

🎉✨It’s Amazing, I’ve Won Again.✨🎉
I’m still finding it hard to believe my win on November 8th, But to win again on Boxing day, just won’t sink in. I’ve laughed, but I’ve cried more because in over 68 years I have never won that kind of money; between the 2 wins over £950 including Bonuses.
Chris and his Team deserve a massive amount of praise and thanks for keeping Pick My Postcode Free Lottery running and paying prize money to dozens of winners every week throughout the pandemic. Happy New Year
Pendle Witches Daughter

last June my postcode won £1500 (+ my £8 bonus). It really is free and we managed to pay off all debts ready to buy a house. Which we did and moved into this month 🙂 I check every day and may never win again but I will keep checking!!!

You, Chris, are a gentleman, a really sensible and rational and diplomatic person, and the type of person I would like to meet in a pub, even though I don’t personally drink and never go to a pub unless it has a really nice garden, preferably with wildlife, and serves really good coffee! You set a great example, and if the world, including the political people, were more like you, it would be a much more civilized and enjoyable place. Good on ya! (I would suggest ‘Chris for Prime Minister’ but I wouldn’t wish that on you 🙂)

Will be unsubscribing. This is a lottery to redistribute wealth, to the North of England, so anyone in a wealthier area, has no chance of winning.

Look after yourselves and enjoy 2021!


Chris & Team 🙂