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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog News Binley Mega Chippy locals missing out on thousands of pounds

Binley Mega Chippy locals missing out on thousands of pounds

by Chris | News, Social Media, Trending

Binley Mega Chippy has unexplainably gone viral across TikTok, but one thing their customers and fans may not know is how much money their locals are missing out on here at Pick My Postcode.

The famous chip shop, based in Coventry, went viral after a catchy jingle, made by a random user, swept the TikTok interface, and nobody really knows why it has become such a ‘meme’.

Here at Pick my Postcode, we took a look at how lucky residents were in Coventry and the answer may shock you!

Coventry residents have won an outstanding £17,425 across all of our draws but they have also missed out on a whopping £55,570!

Those within a 2.5 mile radius of Binley Mega Chippy have won a lovely £3,035 but again, have missed an upsetting £11,170 by not checking our website for a win.

That’s a lot of money to miss out on, but what could that have bought? Well, the chip shop’s famous ‘Morbius Meal’, which includes fish, chips, mushy peas and a can of pop, costs £4.99. This means that those within 2.5 miles of the chippy, could have bagged themselves 2,238 ‘Morbius Meals’. How disappointing.

Alternatively, they could have had 5,728 bags of chips, at just £1.95 a portion, if they really wanted to.

Maybe it’s time to put down your sausage and chips and pick up your phone and check our lottery.

*A quick note to those from Coventry… Check the draws!*

What is the Binley Mega Chippy Trend?

TikTok users have been unable to escape the unusual viral trend, Binley Mega Chippy, and nobody really knows why.

What started as a fun audio clip on the social media platform, has now become a global phenomenon, with hungry people from all over the world travelling to the UK, solely for a bag of chips, crazy.

Famous TikTok stars, such as @Jabobchuckorscranit, who has 1.7m followers on the platform, has also been down to investigate what is so amazing about this average chip shop down south.

Even Peter Andre’s son, Junior, has got behind the trend and made the trip for himself – leaving a very positive review.

Don’t forget to check out our Pick My Postcode TikTok here!

Featured image: @englishfootybible, Instagram