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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Category: News

PLEASE READ: Prizes temporarily lowered

by Chris | News

I’m sad to announce that from today we are temporarily putting the daily Main Draw pot down to £200 from £500, the Video Draw pot down to £50 from £100 and removing 4 of the 10 daily Stackpot prizes. The Coronavirus crisis has hit many small businesses, including our own. We rely on advertising revenue … Read more

Win for Windmill Hill

by Chris | Charity, Community, Community Champions, Double & Donate, News

We’ve just made a donation of £895.32 to the Windmill Hill Community Centre in Bristol. Why? My uncle, who has been supporting the charity for decades, and PMP for nearly a decade, won the £400 Survey Draw prize on Tuesday and very generously opted to Double & Donate his winnings which included a Bonus of £47.66 … Read more

Sunday Service Station Sunset

by Chris | News

This weekend I headed back to Solihull for a Class of 95 school reunion. The reunion was great. Re-connected with old friends, re-told forgotten stories, and rediscovered people I had, frankly, forgotten about. Although, the real adventure started when our car broke down on the way home today. … Read more

Beware Fake Martin Lewis Ads

by Chris | News

We rely on automated ads to fund the prizes. These come from lots of places through complicated networks that are impossible to police. It seems we’re being targeted by (someone placing ads for) Bitcoin Revolution with a scam ad depicting Martin Lewis with the text: “Breaking News. Sad day for Martin Lewis. Our prayers are with him”. We’ve blocked this from several sources, as well as some networks entirely, but they are popping up via different routes. … Read more

Thrilled by The Chase

by Chris | News

Much to our surprise, a question about us was featured on ITV’s The Chase Celebrity Special on Saturday night. A flood of new members arrived. Thanks ITV! Check it out above, or on ITV Hub. … Read more