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Category: News

£1 million give(n)away in days!

by Chris | News

I’ve been banging on about our £1 million given away milestone and how I’d love the PMP community to help us get the word out. As of now, the magic number is . Depending on rollovers, that means we should get there on Friday, or the weekend… knowing my luck. … Read more

Midsummer Mudders

by Chris | News, Pollfish

Just thought I’d give everyone a “general update”, since there’s nothing big to announce, quite a few small things to mention and frankly, I’m struggling to get my brain out of TA11. … Read more

£1 Millionth Win. Help Wanted!

by Chris | News

In a few weeks, we’ll have given away £1 million since we gave our first £10 away on April 1st 2011. A million is nothing for a “normal” lottery, but it’s big news for us. Thanks for all your suggestions for marking the occasion. This is how we’d like to start. … Read more

Happy Pollfish n' Chips Day!

by Chris | News, Paid Surveys

Those of you plugged into our Messenger daily reminder service may have noted our recent obsession with “national days”. Today is National Fish & Chips day, of course. We also wanted to give you a heads-up that we’re trialling a new “Offer Wall” feature with Pollfish that lets you choose from a number of different surveys to build your bonus, rather than the one-off 50p ones. … Read more

We're giving away £1 million!

by Chris | News

Ok, this includes all the money we’ve given away so far, and are giving away in the upcoming 57 days, I calculate. See present continuous tense. As I type, we’ve given away £943,543 since we launched in 2011, meaning that we’ll hit the one mil figure on, or around, Saturday the 20th of July. What shall we do to celebrate? … Read more

Thanks from Shrouds of the Somme

by Chris | Charity, News

Back in October we featured Rob Heard’s jaw-dropping exhibition of 72,396 shrouded figures, each representing an unrecovered commonwealth soldier who died at the Battle of the Somme. The PMP community were so taken by it that we collectively pledged tens of thousands of pounds to his Kickstarter campaign. When I met him at the Olympic Park exhibition he told me “We wouldn’t be here without PMP” … Read more

Happy 8thpril Fools' Birthday!

by Chris | News

Yes, it’s true, I launched PMP on April Fools’ Day 2011. Timing is not my forté. “Why are you still claiming to give free money away?” I was asked on April 2nd. I can understand what it might be like to be born on Christmas Day. … Read more

Spit & Pollfish

by Chris | News

Just a quick one to let you know that we are aware that weird stuff might be happening on the Survey Draw. We are experimenting with new ways of integrating external surveys. Please bear with us. … Read more