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Blog Chris goes to Glastonbury. FPL falls apart :-(

Chris goes to Glastonbury. FPL falls apart :-(

by Chris | News

Apologies to those of you who received excess draw reminders, or none at all yesterday.

For the first time since the launch of FPL in 2011 I decided to go away without my laptop. That turned out to be a bad idea! As I was manoeuvring our 3 metre wide motorhome through the mud and back into civilisation I was receiving a torrent of emails complaining about draw reminders coming in every minute and spam complaints. There was nothing I could do but wait until I got to the motorhome hire place (3 hours later) so I could switch off the mail server from their laptop (which they very kindly let me use).

I was only able to fix the issue when I got back home at about 10pm. So, if you didn’t get loads of draw reminders you may well have got yours after you’d gone to bed, which was probably not very useful. Anyway, the issue is fixed and I appreciate your patience. For those of you who marked the errant emails as “spam”… grrrr!!!! I really hope the incident hasn’t damaged FPL’s sending reputation. If it has then it might be even harder to get those reminders into your inboxes.

Anyway, got to give a big shout out (notice the glastonbury speak?) to FunkyB Motorhomes who not only let me switch the mail server off but also made my trip to Glastonbury so amazing with their fantastic 6-berth Motorhome “Hagrid”. It was totally kitted out, comfy, and affordable, and the service was excellent! So, anyone who is looking to rent a motorhome for their holidays please do get in touch with them. (They’re based near Bristol and Bath).

Cheers guys!

Now, I’ve got to get through all those emails and Facebook comments you’ve all been leaving 😉

Big up to Dolly Parton! (ahem… right. Back to normal life)