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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Definitely Worth The Wait - Our Biggest Ever Winner!

Definitely Worth The Wait – Our Biggest Ever Winner!

by May | Community, Local, Paid Surveys, Reviews, Winner feedback

Last week, one of our longest standing members – It Will Be Worth the Wait – won on the Stackpot, making them our biggest winner ever!

They won the £10 stackpot, plus their bonus £8650.21, alongside an additional £100 because we made a typo on our end and he very kindly reported it to us, so we just let him keep it for his honesty! They also very kindly agreed to write a post for you all, talking about how they built up such an incredible bonus and how to keep up hope!

Having been a member for over eight and half years I have heard all the “nobody wins”, “it’s a con”, “PO postcodes win too much”,” BT always wins”, blah blah blah, and all that, despite the fact it’s your membership number that’s picked and not your postcode. In all that time I never lost belief that my postcode would come up one day, so as it’s totally free, why would I stop checking everyday? One sure way to guarantee not winning, is to stop checking.

Recently, my perseverance paid off, when my postcode appeared on the stackpot, I scrolled right past it and then thought, “hang on a minute, what was that green button?” It took a couple of seconds to sink in that it was my postcode and I better click the green button to claim. My £10 stackpot win plus bonus came to £8660 and didn’t cost me a penny, where else online can you win that sort of money for free. In fact if I hadn’t done surveys, my bonus would have only been about £120, so get building your bonus and see how high you can go.

A massive thank you to Chris and his team for this fantastic site, I am so grateful for this win. I don’t think people realise how hard it is to get a site like this off the ground in the first place and then build it up to being the best site online, to then have to fight tooth and nail to keep the site going through firstly, the pandemic and now the cost of living crisis, and then people say “when is the prize money going back up”, as though PMP works in a vacuum and is not affected by the same events as everyone else.

As you might guess I have done many thousands of surveys in my time on PMP. When it comes to building your bonus, you have to take the long term view, but remember everyone starts at zero bonus on day one. There’s no point in pretending that you won’t come across problems when doing surveys and you will get screened out of many more than you complete, that’s quite normal. When things do go wrong, remember it is not PMP’s fault, they have no control over third party survey’s, but they do have a top notch admin team who will do what they can to help, as long as you supply all the relevant details. I personally have never contacted admin about a survey problem, because I simply can’t be bothered to keep records, so when something goes wrong, I just utter a few choice words, shrug my shoulders, then move on to the next opportunity. It’s not an approach that would probably work for most people, but it’s quite evident, it certainly works for me. Doing surveys does not affect your chance’s of winning on the postcode draws, but it does give you a chance to boost any win that may come your way.

From reading peoples comments on the forum about surveys, it’s noticeable that people don’t understand what a survey is for. A company pays to have their questions answered not the questions you think they should ask, if the survey doesn’t give you the option to put down the answer you want to put, then quite simply they don’t want to know, it’s as simple as that, just answer the questions put in front of you. Don’t get wound up if the options don’t give your job or circumstance, if there is no “none of the above/other” then simply tick the answer closest to the answer you want to give, then move on to the next question. All survey answers are anonymised so they don’t know who you are, so you don’t need to fear about your personal business being compromised. In my experience you will come across some surveys that are well thought out and which you can clearly see the purpose they serve, a vast amount of very average surveys, pigeon holed into a format that doesn’t work for different subjects and the rest you would think were written by a 3 yr old. Don’t let that put you off, you’re just trying to boost your bonus not appreciate how good or bad a survey structure is.

As far as time/reward ratio goes, they differ from the very good to the ridiculous, but we will all have a different idea as to what is a good time/reward ratio. My bonus consists of mainly surveys done in the 30p-£1.50 range, values up to £4 are for me very welcome but few and far between. What surveys you get depends on your particular circumstance, I know some people get much higher value surveys than me. I had the attitude right from the start that no survey was too low a value for me unless the timescale was was too long, so I have done many surveys from 1p upwards just to keep my bonus going the right way. You just need to approach surveys with the right attitude, don’t take it personally when something goes wrong.

So when doing surveys you need to remember you need PMP:

  • Patience: it will be tested.
  • Motivation: to build your bonus.
  • Persistence: Nobody wins by giving up.

So good luck boosting your bonus and I hope you soon get lucky just like me. Once again, thank you Chris for my amazing win.

It will be worth the wait.