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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Does Facebook Zuck?

by Chris | News

chrisAfter 8 years of relentless feedback we’ve finally added a non-Facebook comments section. You can’t say we don’t listen… Eventually.

I often hear “I don’t care whether I win or not. I just like reading the comments”. How truthful that is, I don’t know, but PMP wouldn’t be the same without the notorious comments section. Newbs asking “How does this work?”, veterans asking “Why hasn’t MY postcode won?”, and Dave Moore et al voluntarily imparting their, sometimes unappreciated, wisdom.

Problem is, until now you’ve needed to be logged into Facebook to participate, and Facebook is walking from one PR disaster into another, like Sideshow Bob and a rake. Now anyone can leave a comment. Okay, we’ve left the Facebook ones on for now, mostly because our ones aren’t as fully functional. When that happens we’ll consider removing them completely, or at least, tuck them away somewhere.

Of course, it is debatable whether Facebook is actually all that bad. It is very useful, albeit increasingly to keep track of what my parents’ friends are up to. As we become accustomed to things being free on the internet, it’s hard not to take them for granted, especially when beating them up is in fashion. I do quite like occasional interaction with people I would otherwise have lost forever, and the unexpected reminders of how I looked ten years ago.

We know, not everyone cares about these comments. In fact, according to a Survey Draw poll over the weekend, 87.5% of you have never left a comment. But then it is remarkable to think that 12.5% have, especially when you’re only really here to see if you’ve won some money. Perhaps PMP is more than that. Discuss… In the comments section!

Feedback, positive, negative, or just unintelligible welcome as always.

BTW, the ten £100 “Rafferal” winners have been notified via email. Well done Ian Livesey and 9 other (presently anonymous) winners.


Chris & Team 🙂