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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog FPL Budget 2014

FPL Budget 2014

by Chris | News

With un-precedented inflation in revenue this year we’ve been able to double our investment in the daily prize spending. However, as our interest rate continues to rise I can today make a further announcement…

Many of you will not have realised it, but if you scroll right to the bottom of the page you will see a section named “£5 Mini Draw”. At 6pm every evening one postcode is selected and displayed here until midnight. If your postcode appears between these times you will see a collect button immediately beneath which you must press before midnight to claim your cash. Apart from only being open in the evening, there are a couple of other differences compared to the main daily draw. The Mini Draw does not rollover, and it is never split. If more than one person has entered the winning postcode then it’s “first come, first served”. But, like the main draw, multiple entries increases the likelihood of being drawn. Finally, there is no history page (in case you were wondering – maybe one day…)

The Mini Draw has been around for ages (about 2 years) but I never announced it so it has remained a bit of a secret for the hardcore. When I increased the daily prize pot (both times) I received loads of requests to raise the Mini Draw amount from the measly £5.

So, I can announce that from Monday (24th) the Mini Draw prize pot will indeed be going up. However, I haven’t decided by how much yet. Let’s see how much it costs me now I’ve let the cat out of the bag 😉

And I commend this Budget to the House!