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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog 5% of all UK postcodes are now registered with Free Postcode Lottery: daily win increased to £50

5% of all UK postcodes are now registered with Free Postcode Lottery: daily win increased to £50

by Chris | News

Free Postcode Lottery, the 100% free daily prize draw that works on your postcode rather than purchasing tickets, has announced two landmarks: that 5% of all UK postcodes are now registered with the free lottery service, and that the daily prize draw has increased from £40 to £50 per day.

All postcodes registered with the site are entered into the daily lottery. Every day, registered users receive an email with a link to the winning postcode of the day. Users with the winning postcode will automatically receive £50 via PayPal or online bank transfer as soon as they claim. Unclaimed prizes will roll over until claimed.

Chris Holbrook, founder of FreePostcodeLottery.com states: “Just three years ago I launched the site giving away just £10 to each winning postcode so we are thrilled to be able to offer such a significant increase in pay outs with the £50 per day giveaway. Everyone wins!”

FreePostcodeLottery.com now has more than 30,000 daily users and has given away more than £24,000. The largest win to date was £320, by a resident of Coleshill in the West Midlands who donated some of the funds to the charity Re-cycle.

About FreePostcodeLottery.com

Founded in 2011, FreePostcodeLottery.com is the leading free online daily prize draw that gives away free cash for a selected postcode every day. Users who register their postcode for free at http://freepostcodelottery.com receive an email every day with a link to the winning postcode. If their postcode has been selected, users claim the cash prize, which is £50 per day. If multiple registered users live at the winning postcode, they split the prize.

FreePostcodeLottery.com does not sell data. It is free to play and open to all UK residents over 18 with a postcode. T & Cs are available here.