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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog News Happy 12th Birthday to us!

Happy 12th Birthday to us!

by Chris | News

Chris HolbrookToday, if you are reading this on April 1st, is our 12th birthday. Yes, I launched a free money website on April Fools’ Day. I wasn’t taken seriously until the 2nd. Since then, we’ve given away £1,641,923 and donated £29,607.27.

Like many businesses, we took a bit of a battering during the pandemic. We’re proud to be free and ad-funded, but making money from ads online has never been easy, especially when you (try to) block gambling advertisers. It was very hard in 2020 with not much improvement since. We still hope to put our prize money back up, but it’s taking longer than we had hoped. Sorry about that.

The good news is that we’ve got better and better at selling market research, so those answers that you give on our Survey Draw, are now funding most of the prize money. So thanks for that. Your answers have helped universities understand the affect of Covid-19 and the environment on mental health, helped Hello Fresh choose what sausages to put in their recipe kits, and a whole lot more.

Some other good news is that we finally have a new developer joining us, so we should start getting all the improvements we have in pipeline live. Look out for new draws, easier navigation, games, and badges….

To celebrate our birthdays, we usually launch a referral competition. This year we trialled Golden Postcodes, which went down really well, if a little to hard to actually find the winning £20 postcodes. We’re going to relaunch this shortly with much much more prizes hidden across the country. Watch this space!

Finally, a big thanks to FroggyLady, who kindly takes the time to send us a Happy Birthday e-Card every year. PMP wouldn’t be the same without you.

Love to all (apart from Jason Donovan) from
Chris and Team PMP x