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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Happy 8thpril Fools’ Birthday!

by Chris | News

Yes, it’s true, I launched PMP on April Fools’ Day 2011. Timing is not my forté. “Why are you still claiming to give free money away?” I was asked on April 2nd. I can understand what it might be like to be born on Christmas Day.

Eight is old in the web-wide world. I can remember turning eight myself! My party rocked the bowling alley. That cake was monstrous, and the full-sugar coke seemed to flow endlessly. The photo is real, and not from Stranger Things as one of our younger colleagues believed at first glance.

Every year we consider what April Fools’ hoax we’re going to play, until we remember that PMP opens at midday, so we’ve mostly missed our window. Last year we pretended to be giving away a date with me. This was not my idea, and of course, no one thought this was too good to be true. My favourite is still when we launched a petition to Stop the Royal Mail from abolishing the postcode system.

This year, we’ll spare you, particularly as the fool seems to have become the norm. Instead, we thought we would share some stories, that should be hoaxes, but aren’t:

Tilda Swinton directs an operatic music video starring her dogs
Mary Berry to play drums at festival
Flat-Earthers will sail to the “planet’s edge”
Uri Geller urges mass-telepathy against Brexit


Chris & Team x