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Blog News Happy Pollfish n' Chips Day!

Happy Pollfish n’ Chips Day!

by Chris | News, Paid Surveys

Those of you plugged into our Messenger daily reminder service may have noted our recent obsession with “national days”. Today is National Fish & Chips day, of course. We also wanted to give you a heads-up that we’re trialling a new “Offer Wall” feature with Pollfish that lets you choose from a number of different surveys to build your bonus, rather than the one-off 50p ones.

Why might this be good? Well, you can now see how long a survey is likely to take, as well as where it comes from. If you have a bad experience with one provider you can choose to avoid in future, and if you only have 10 minutes you can avoid the ones that take longer. If you have plenty of time on your hands, then you can keep doing them and building that Bonus.

The best bit? Each survey is given a star rating out of five, so you can avoid the stinkers and flag them by providing ratings yourself. We’re yet to see whether all these changes will overcome past issues, or introduce new ones, so please bear with us and let us know if something doesn’t seem right.

And if you don’t like doing Pollfish surveys, that’s fine. Feel free to ignore 🙂

Now, back to fish & chips. We asked you “What do you like with your fish & chips?” on the Survey Draw. Here are the highlights. Brace yourselves:

Salt & Vinegar wins
Ketchup is most popular in London.
Londoners love a pickle the most, whereas the Welsh, are apparently not fans.
Bread and butter is a popular accompaniment in Northern Ireland. Twice as much as it is in London.
Scots love a pickled onion twice as much as the UK average. But they eat fish & chips the least. Half as much as midlanders.
Gravy is twice as popular in the North West than elsewhere in the UK.
Predictably, West Midlanders love curry sauce the most. More than twice as much as those in the North West of England.
Mayo is most popular in London. Twice as much as in the North East of England.
Mushy peas are twice as popular in the North West than in London.
Tartare sauce is twice as popular in London as it is in the West Midlands.

There you go. Bet you’re glad you’ve read that. Seriously though. Do keep in touch about Pollfish.


Chris & Team