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Blog Community Help Save Bees from Deadly Pesticides

Help Save Bees from Deadly Pesticides

by May | Community, News, Stories

The UK government  approves the emergency use of a chemical which poses a lethal threat to bee populations.

While neonicotinoids have been banned across Europe since 2013,  the UK government has approved the use of thiamethoxam, to be used because of the potential risk of yellows viruses, which can cause severe damage to crops.

We all know by now how essential bees are to our survival because of their role in maintaining our ecosystem. And the use of neonicotinoids would be devastating to their population as it takes only a single teaspoon of the chemical to kill 1.25 billion bees.

Those pesticides damage the nervous systems and navigational abilities of bees and other pollinators. The pesticides can also end up in streams and rivers and harm aquatic life, and can persist for a long time in the environment, which can’t be too healthy for us humans too!

Even if you hate bees, listen up! If we keep harming bees, we risk our food supplies. It’s estimated that one third of the food we grow relies on bees and other pollinators. And with a third of bee population are already shrinking from other factors, can we really risk killing any more of them?

Over 1 million people have signed the petition since it’s launch. They would love to hit their goal of 1,500,000 signatures, with your help! Together we can help save the bees from deadly pesticides.

We don’t usually got involved in campaigns like this, we like to remain impartial, but with bees…. That’s a different story.

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