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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Lucky Portsmouth Woman Wins £1200 on Main Draw

Lucky Portsmouth Woman Wins £1200 on Main Draw

by May | Community, News, Reviews, Social Media, Winner feedback

Sarah, 47, from Portsmouth won £1263.85 last week on the Main Draw of Pick My Postcode.

She has been checking the site daily since 2017 to see if she had won any of the daily draws and build up her bonus. She’s still excited about her win as she has never won anything before.

Since 2017, Pick My Postcode has given away £53,413 to the lucky winners registered with a PO postcode, so Sarah is one in a long line of people.

Sarah won the main draw on Pick My Postcode, which, after having not been claimed for six days, had rolled over to a whopping £1200.

Additionally to that amazing pot, she had accumulated £63.85 worth of bonus.

When asked what she was going to spend her winnings on, she said: “A lot, going to go towards our badly needed garden makeover.”

In response to those who are losing faith in winning, she said: “Believe it, I had been playing for a few years and won nothing, but I kept playing and it finally happened!”

So congratulations Sarah and any of the other lucky PO postcodes that have won!

Good luck in future draws 🙂