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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Winner feedback Money Winning Experts Win £200,000

Money Winning Experts Win £200,000

by Chris | News, Websites, Winner feedback

Life as the fledgling first free lottery was tough until, three years in, we gained the “support” of a giant. Since then over £200,000 has been won on PMP by the members that MoneySavingExpert.com has introduced to us.

The day I launched FPL (as it was then known) I went onto the MSE Forum and proudly announced I was giving away £10 every day for free, and they should all pay us a visit. I was banned within minutes for advertising without permission. Fair enough. Then, in February 2014, they contacted me to ask if they could tell their audience about us. Apparently they all had post-it notes on their monitors with each others’ postcodes on, so that they could keep an eye out for each others’ wins.

MSE is a rarity. I know no other business that sticks so rigidly to its principles of editorial integrity. They have a massive audience and are hounded by other businesses flashing cash to get in front of them. If they’re not good enough they don’t succeed. This is all down to the culture that Martin Lewis set up, since it began as a weekly email of money-saving tips to a handful of his friends, and will always be guided by his so-called “bible” whether he is there or not.

We’re no MSE, but we like to look after our community as well. We would not be where we are now, recently gaining our 2 millionth member, without their support getting us over the trust hurdle. We’re so indebted, and are proud that we can say we’ve given something back. Well… To their audience at least, which I know they’ll be thrilled about.

“Shock at first seeing my postcode show up saying i was one of 4 potential winners. Luckily I was the only claimant so won the whole prize. Since the win I check the site each day without fail. 👍” – Stephen, TR16 6HN. £1,208.

“I thought I was seeing things- I had to ask my partner to check it was actually our postcode! We were decorating the kids bedrooms so it enabled us to buy all their furniture” – Louise, BN14 0EU. £1,027.

“It was so lovely to win. I ran outside to tell hubby who was working on his car. Hubby and I shared it. I treated myself to a new sewing machine.” – Christina, FY5 5HL. £1,014.

“I was resting after my lunch in my back garden. Sitting in a sun lounger, radio on, probably cricket or Radio 2. I was off off work with anxiety and depression. I checked the FPL pages as I had ever since I had signed up from MSE in April that year. My eyes lit up, I didn’t believe my own eyes. I was in a bit of a state if I’m honest. Mostly of incredulity, but partly total disbelief. I had been pretty lucky all my life but never had a cash win. I decided to not get too excited until the winnings actually arrived, although I sent a text to my wife, barely able to contain my excitement.
I waited a little while to share my news further afield. Just a few days by which time the winnings had arrived and I could happily share the news of my good fortune and luck . If people were jealous I didn’t sense that. Besides, I don’t knowingly have friends who would be like that. I shared how they might sign up just as I had and continue to mention it often. I know of at least one of those friends who have won since. My one regret, not insisting that my wife sign up sooner. If she had we would have shared two thirds of the winnings and not only half!! To be serious though that win was actually more than enough. Any more and I would have been spoiled.” – Ian, NR3 4PL. £526.

Thanks for sharing!

Chris & Team x