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Blog Pact. Where have you bean all my life?

Pact. Where have you bean all my life?

by Chris | Reviews

chrisWe usually test out the offers we add to the Bonus page to make sure they’re what they say they are, but sometimes we find some absolute gems. My favourite is Pact Coffee. Here’s why.

I admit, I’m a total coffee addict. If I miss out my morning or afternoon coffee I actually get a headache (yes Mum, I should do something about it) and even this is preferable to drinking nasty instant coffee that has been sitting around for months. I’m also pretty forgetful so would quite often forget to pick up fresh coffee from the supermarket. And even if I do, it has usually been sat on a shelf for months since roasting so is hardly fresh at all. Discovering Pact has genuinely been a delight. Not only do I get a regular supply of coffee through my letterbox but it’s really really good and each time you get something different. They source the best coffees from around the world and roast them hours before they arrive with you. And, they pay their suppliers 25% more than the standard fairtrade rates.

pact taste cardsWhat makes it even better is that you get a tasting card with each new variety including notes on flavour, sweetness, acidity and umm… mouthfeel. Okay, you might end up raising a few eyebrows when you try to impress your visitors with it but it does make tasting the latest arrival that bit more exciting. My favourite is “Fazenda Chapada” which has hints of milk chocolate covered toffee. Mmmm… quite delicious.

FPL Chris drinking Pact CoffeeIn case you’re wondering… Pact is a subscription service. By default they send out one bag of coffee per week but you can very easily increase or decrease this. I tend get through about one each fortnight. Each 250g bag costs £6.95 which is probably more than you are used to paying at the supermarket, but it really is worth it. If you’re not convinced you can try your first bag for just £1 (they’re also allowing us to give you a £7 Bonus in the process) using the offer on our Bonus page. Once you get your first noseful from the newly opened packet you’ll see what I’m on about. If you don’t then it is super simple to cancel.

Have you signed up to Pact Coffee. Got anything to add? We’d love to hear from you on our new FPL Community Forum reviews thread.


Chris 🙂

Try Pact Coffee for £1 + £7 Bonus