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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Pointless Postcode Trivia Anyone?

Pointless Postcode Trivia Anyone?

by Chris | News

Some of you might remember that in June I asked you to tell me what’s special about your postcode. Those of you who didn’t answer “My postcode is special because I live there” (really.. A lot of people said that) had your comments posted on our Facebook Fan Page. You may also remember that I said that the one which received the most “Likes” would win a box of sweets. Then…

…I got caught up in Charity Month and completely forgot to announce the winner and allocate the prize. Surprisingly, none of you even mentioned it! So, I’m making amends by announcing the winner (with 8 Likes) as S Scott from SO45 4LX:

“While the houses were being built 40 years ago my grandad made a crossbow and shot it at a tree. It shot 60 metres down the road and got stuck in a tree. It is still stuck in the tree today. My grandad disarmed the crossbow and took it apart after its one and only shot!”

Fact about SO45 4LX from S Scott

The retro jar of sweets pictured above is yours. I’ll be in touch to get your full address. Runners up (both with 7 Likes – you might say “worryingly”) were:

“Down our road there used to be a stationary shop, but it moved.”

Fact about PR8 6HA from Ben S

You may have to think about that one… And:

“The road is called Bents Close and we have a large proportion of homosexual inhabitants (including myself), one of whom’s surname is Dyke.”

Fact about MK41 6DY from Claira

Sounds like fun Claira. Anyway, you can waste your time too by posting a pointless fact about your postcode here. We’ll post the good ones on our Facebook Fan Page.