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Blog Community Support SLOW and Help Stop Fast Fashion

Support SLOW and Help Stop Fast Fashion

by May | Community, Local, Magazines, News

Did you know that the clothing industry has become the 2nd largest polluter in the world, just behind the oil industry?

The goal of SLOW is to engage people in judgement-free conversations about fast fashion and it’s ethical and environmental impacts. They want to help introduce new, more sustainable approached to shopping.

At the moment, there is so much emotion and judgment tied in with whether we are doing the correct, most sustainable thing all the time, so the goal of SLOW is to let people know that no one is perfect and even if your personal change of shopping habits is simply buying a bit less- that is good enough!

The petition: #AgainstFastFashion wants to help people rethink the clothes on your back and what is the true cost? Companies like Forever 21, Zara, Shein and H&M are just a few fashion retailers that utilize a business practice called fast fashion––trendy styles that quickly moving from the catwalk to stores. In turn, this leads to worker exploitation, underpaid employees, textile waste, and environmental pollution.

They would love to hit 2,500 signatures for this petition in order to help stop fast fashion. Action starts with each one of us and together, we can choose quality over quantity.

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