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Blog Reviews Surprise Supplies from Degusta Box

Surprise Supplies from Degusta Box

by Ben | Reviews

Hi everyone, my name’s Ben, I’m new here at PMP and excited to post my first review! If you’re anything like me, you’ll buy the same old groceries every week, straying only to the occasional BOGOF offer. is yet another subscription box, but with a mission to mix it up with novel culinary delights.

Despite a somewhat unusual sounding name (it means ‘to taste/sample’ in Spanish), their meticulously packaged boxes come with a selection of up to 15 different, unique snacks and goodies worth over £23 delivered free of charge each month. Recently the kind folks at Degusta Box sent us one of their bundles. Excited to find-out what lay inside, the team eagerly opened it to find a thoughtful, quirky array of items to enjoy throughout the day: from Firefly citrus flavoured juice, Whiskey Cornichons, healthy Thai Flovoured Seaweed Puffs to Vegan Mayo (plus more). It was fun to explore all of the different things! The box was themed (this time ‘Brunch and Afternoon Tea’) and also came with a handy laminated brochure describing every item as well as suggesting some lovely recipes that you can make with them. It’s really helpful and nice touch.

There is a chance you may not want or like some of the items, however it’s this sense of anticipation and surprise which makes the service exciting. We did get products not seen by us before and things that we wouldn’t normally think to buy. Not only do you receive products from known brands, but they also come from innovative newcomers, so you could be the first to discover the coolest must-have thing on the block (or something to laugh over). Plus, all of the products are much better value than if you were to buy them individually in the shops or online. It’s perfect for curious types who like to save money and are eager to try new food and drink items with family and friends – or gobble them alone! Also, by not knowing what treats will be discovered each month, it’s a great way of finding-out about new stuff that you can then go-out and purchase again.

They deliver straight to your doorstep, there’s no commitment and you can cancel your subscription anytime before the 9th of each month. Currently their courier service delivers to UK postcodes excluding Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, the Scottish Highlands & Islands and some other remote areas of rural Scotland. You can also review products, giving your opinions and suggestions on the brands that you did and didn’t love – Degusta Box like to know what their users think so your feedback can make a real difference. Instead of the usual price of £12.99, they’re offering you the first box for £7.99 when you use the discount code PMPC5 at the checkout. As well as the box and £5 discount, there’s also 2 free bonus items – this month it’s 2 FREE Green & Black’s Praline and Truffle bars.

You’ll also get £3.40 added to your Bonus!