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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community The Geoguesser game!📍

The Geoguesser game!📍

by Chris | Community, Competitions, Prizes, Social Media

Welcome to PMP’s newest game, the Geoguesser!

We’re giving away £60 in free cash to the first person who guesses this postcode!

Think you have the answer? Visit our Twitter, Facebook or TikTok geoguesser post and put it in the comments, quick!

The first person to comment the correct answer will be awarded £10, via PayPal or gift card.

Confident enough in your guess to visit the location? The first person to comment a video of themselves at the location will win £50! 📲

⛔ RULES: ⛔

  • You must be a member of Pick My Postcode to claim your prize. If you’re not already registered, you can sign up here: www.pickmypostcode.com
  • You have until the prizes have been claimed to drop your answers and videos in the comments – so be quick!
  • You must place your guesses via our social posts, not our website.
  • We’re running this game via Facebook, Twitter and TikTok – check them out to view others’ comments, they might give you some hints! 😉