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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog The Millennium Bug is Back!

The Millennium Bug is Back!

by Chris | News

Our highest ever pot of £1,250 was claimed on Saturday morning, but panic ensued when the draw history table failed to update properly and it appeared that the money had vanished into thin air.

Actually, it was a bug caused by my sloppy coding back in 2011 when I assumed giving away over £1,000 in one day was an impossibility. For the nerds, I had left the comma in the figure, which makes it nice for reading but the database was not expecting it. Anyway, understandably loads of you left comments alerting me and others to the issue but I was too caught up in bank-holiday-family-time to notice. Arguments erupted between conspiracy theorists and FPL-defenders. Could it have possibly been… The end of the world?

Nah, it was fixed pretty easily. But thanks to everyone for pointing it out and defending us. As always, do please remember to keep it friendly. I’m really not that offended by complaints and amusing accusations 🙂

The £1,250 has asked us to keep him anonymous, but he did share that he is using it to take his family on a holiday to France, which is something he would otherwise be unable to do since he relies on the state pension alone in his retirement. Enjoy your holiday mystery TA2 6NJ family!

Roll on 2nd millennium win!

Chris 🙂