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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog How to avoid disqualification

How to avoid disqualification

by Chris | News

Last Thursday’s winning postcode was disqualified because it had been entered twice by the same person so I’ve added a new page to check whether you have entered more than once.

The rules state that it is strictly 1 entry per person. Of course, you can have any number of people sharing 1 postcode, but you may not register more than once. If you move home you can change your postcode on the edit page.

Of course, it is excusable to enter more than once by mistake. Often people don’t realise that they can change their postcode so just enter again, or sometimes you forget what email you used so inadvertently register another one. However, without going into exactly why, it was obvious that this person had registered twice deliberately, and I didn’t want £120 to go to a cheater, especially when so many people have been so patiently waiting for a win.

I wasn’t prepared for the torrent of emails that followed from people who were worried that they might be the culprit. Most of Thursday evening was spent responding to emails reassuring people that it wasn’t them. They were coming in faster than I could reply.

Anyway, it became obvious that many people just don’t know whether they have registered more than once and there is no way of finding out (without me looking at the database). So, I’ve created a new page for looking up whether an email has been entered or not. If you are worried that you may have entered more than one email address please go here and search for each email that you might have entered. If found, you can logout, log back in again with the email you want to remove and then go to the quit page (freepostcodelottery.com/quit).

Hope that helps!