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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Trust Pilot Reviews – December 2023

Trust Pilot Reviews – December 2023

by May | Community, Reviews, Trust Pilot

Here are some of the many amazing Trust Pilot reviews we received from our members during December last year.

A Great Surprise –

I have been checking my postcode for many months now (over 2 years I think) wondering if I would ever win anything , then today on the last day of this year my postcode came up on the £10 stackpot and with my bonus £39.32, I should get a lovely amount into my account. It is a great surprise. – Anna

It’s Worth It –

I have had reservations about doing this and to be honest had given up on winning but I just got £148.47 so over the moon, I do enjoy doing the surveys and feel it’s worthwhile and now this proves it. – Peter

Awesome Website – ⭐

I’ve been checking this website for years… finally won yesterday!!!
Money sent to PayPal very quickly and very helpful customer service when I thought I had an issue but didn’t.
It’s free to play, you get one email a day & worth two minutes to check if you’re a winner… you can do small surveys to add to your pot but you don’t have to.
Great website! –  Ceitidh

Thank you – ⭐

needed this after a rubbish Christmas 🥰 – Michelle

Second Win! – ⭐

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and today is the second time I’ve won on the Lottery Stackpot, so won £10 plus my £105.75 bonus. It doesn’t take long to do, some of the video draws have put me on a path of discovering up and coming artists, and the survey draw is always interesting, although sometimes a little strange. Lol. It’s free to play, so you’ve got nothing to lose by playing. Good luck! 🤞🤞🤞 – Helen

I’ve Won! – ⭐

I logged into pick my post code, as I have done loads of times and there on the mini draw was my post code!! I was excited but couldn’t believe it at first. Had to check a few times to make sure it wasn’t just wishful thinking on my part before I clicked on the claim button. Turns out I’ve won 177.79 . I can now go see Pink next year. – Sue

Please keep sending in your amazing reviews! We love reading them and maybe your comment will be featured soon 🙂 Have a good day and good luck in future draws.

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