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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Entertainment World Emoji Day: Quiz

World Emoji Day: Quiz

by Chris | Entertainment, Events, Quiz

Today is World Emoji Day! Since the rise of technology and text-speech, the use of emojis has almost become a second language for many of us. Some emojis now even have secret hidden meanings or connotations.

Since emojis were designed to be a fun way of expressing ourselves in the tech universe, let’s have some entertainment with them ourselves and have a go at Pick My Postcode’s Emoji Quiz!

The Emoji Movie Quiz:

Can you guess the movie from the emoji combination?

  1. 🐘 + 🎪
  2. 🏎 + 😤
  3. 🦁 + 👑
  4. 🔝+ 🔫 + ✈️
  5. 👽 + 📞 + 🏠
  6. 😈 + 👗
  7. 🧸 + 👨🏼 + 🍻
  8. 🐍 + 🛩
  9. 🐩 + 🍝 + 🐕
  10. 🤠 + 👨‍🚀 + 🦖
  11. 🍽 + 🙏 + ❤️
  12. 🚢 + 🧊 + 👩‍❤️‍👨
  13. 🌍 + 🦍
  14. 🔎 + 🐠
  15. 👫 + 📹 + 👻


Leave your answers in the comments and check back tomorrow for the answers blog post!

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