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Blog Websites Exclusive: Get £100 reward from Airbnb

Exclusive: Get £100 reward from Airbnb

by Chris | Money Saving, Tips, Websites

chrisBack in April we heard from PMP’s Airbnb hosts and discovered that anyone with extra space can make some substantial regular income from it. As long as your extra space is clean, and you’re honest about what to expect, you can start earning right now. Some hosts even rent out a spare bed in the same room as theirs. Having just come back from Glasto, that doesn’t seem so bad…

We think that this is a great untapped source of extra income for potentially millions of UK residents. If you’re put off by having strangers in your house, don’t be. Here’s the feedback that we got from your fellow PMPers. All of them recommended it!

PMPers have been given the opportunity to earn an additional £100* when you earn your first £300, as an added exclusive incentive to get started.

Like all Airbnb Hosts you’ll enjoy the protection of their and .

They’ve also given us this handy widget for calculating what you might be able to earn from it.

IMPORTANT: Please do not sign up through the earnings calculator widget as we won’t be able able to track your earnings if you do. If you’ve already gone down that route, please email us.

* The additional £100 payments will be made by PMP