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Blog Tips Got chills? Look after your bills

Got chills? Look after your bills

by Chris | Money Saving, News, Tips, Websites

chrisIt’s flipping freezing and energy company pay day has finally arrived. 2018 was the worst year on record for price rises, and their sneaky “loyalty taxing” makes it even worse. Staying with the same supplier after your first year deal is up typically costs an extra £350!

Look After My Bills scans the market and switches your suppliers automatically each year. If they find a better deal they’ll notify you and handle it all on your behalf. Signing up is free and as quick as using a comparison website. I did it last year and have already heard from them this year.

What’s in it for them? Like comparison sites, they get paid a commission when you switch. Comparison sites are handy but not always as trustworthy as those cuddly meerkats and Skeletor (?!) would make them appear.

What makes me think we can trust Look After My Bills? I’ve met Henry and Will several times and, apart from both being obscenely tall, it is obvious that they are in it for the right reasons. They’re on a mission to fix the broken energy market, even if that means, eventually, putting themselves out of business. If everyone were to use them the energy companies would just stop paying commission. By this point consumers will understand that they should shop around. Mission accomplished.

What’s in it for us? Well… They share the commission with us when you sign up through links like this one. This helps us fund the prizes, and hopefully will save you lots of money and hassle in future. Everybody wins.

Stay warm

Chris 🙂