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Blog Events Do you believe in ghosts? - well apparently most of the UK does not! 

Do you believe in ghosts? – well apparently most of the UK does not! 

by May | Events, Family, Statistics, Trending

For Halloween, we thought it would be fun if we asked some Halloween-based questions to get you all in a spooky mood!

According to a nationally representative survey taken by Find Out Now with a sample size of 1,111 people, 49% of the UK does not believe in ghosts, in comparison to the 44% who do. 7% said they preferred not to say.

50% of the women polled do believe in ghosts, in comparison to men, with only 38% being believers. The highest percentage of disbelievers can be found in Greater London, while the North East and Wales had the highest percentage of believers at 62% and 61%.

Other than asking about people’s apparition opinions, we asked people about their favourite Halloween film.

While most people said they did not have a favourite, the top three film answers were:

  1. Halloween – with 2,630 votes
  2. Hocus Pocus – with 2,111 votes
  3. Scream – with 591 votes.

Showing two very clear leaders for the favourite.

We also asked people what their favourite costume was when they dressed up for Halloween as children.
And this was a landslide victory for Witch with 4,539 votes. Second place was Ghost with 1,285 votes. And third place was people who said they didn’t dress up as anything as children with 793 votes.

And finally, the last question we asked was what is your favourite Halloween tradition.

A lot of people (8,906 people to be exact) said none of our options were their favourite tradition. The options we provided and the number of votes they received are as follows, with pumpkin carving being the most popular.

  1. Carving Pumpkins – 3,181 votes
  2. Trick or Treating – 2,596 votes
  3. Dressing Up – 1,783 votes
  4. Bob for Apples – 1,185 votes
  5. Make Toffee Apples – 739 votes
  6. Go to a Haunted House – 584 votes
  7. Visit a pumpkin patch – 578 votes

Is there a Halloween tradition you do that we didn’t list? If so what is it and will you be doing it tonight? If you could ask a Halloween-themed question, what would you ask?

Thanks,  good luck in future draws and Happy Halloween from the PMP Team 🙂