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Blog Charity The Big Plastic Count is back!

The Big Plastic Count is back!

by May | Charities, Charity, Community, Events, News

It’s only one week until The Big Plastic Count! Sign up today to help take part!

Our friends at Everyday Plastics have once again teamed up with GreenPeace UK to run the biggest investigation in to plastic waste. The Big Plastic Count is taking place from 11-17 March. 47,000 people have signed up so far.

In 2022, The Big Plastic Count found that of the 250,000 people from schools, households, communities and businesses that took part last year, almost two billion pieces of plastic packaging are thrown away in only one week. Just 12% was recycled and the rest was burned, sent abroad or ended up in landfill. Which is why they are back again this year, asking you to sign up and taking part.

By counting all the plastic you throw away for a week, you can help gather the vital evidence we need to convince UK ministers, supermarkets and big brands to lead the way at global talks that could finally phase out plastic production for good.

Taking part in The Big Plastic Count really is easy. Here’s how to get involved:

1. Register: Get your free counting pack (digital or via post) which includes
everything you need to take part
2. Get Counting: Count all your plastic waste from 11-17 March
3. Submit Results: Submit your data via our website by 31 March
4. Get Your Footprint: Discover your plastic footprint and use the results to make
a difference!

Register today to be part of The Big Plastic Count!

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