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Blog Howdy Partners!

Howdy Partners!

by Chris | Money Saving, Tips, Websites

One of the great things about a big community like FPL is that we attract some pretty cool businesses that want to work with us. You may have noticed that we’ve been writing about a few of our new partners on our blog. Whilst the arrangements are usually commercial, since we need to fund those prizes, we’ll only shout about the ones that really shouldn’t be missed. FPL + Partner + You = Win Win Win. Here’s our current lineup

1. Look After My Bills

It’s freakin’ cold, and energy companies are rather naughty with their prices. Look After My Bills combines the power of collective bargaining and automatic switching, so you don’t have to worry about tariff deals ending and prices quietly going up. Look After My Bills will quietly switch for you so you don’t get stung.

2. Jack’s Flight Club

Use some of that money you’ve just saved on your energy bills on some unbelievably cheap flights from Jack’s Flight Club. Just sign up and wait for the crazy deals to hit your inbox. FPL Kat recently flew to Iceland, then New York, and then home for just £313!

3. Good-Loop

Imagine every ad was only 15 seconds long and donated 6p to charity every time you watched. That’s what Good-Loop does with their “Ads for Good”. Look out for them on the Bonus Draw page and we’ll even add 6p to your Bonus each time, because we like it so much.

4. Quidco

Quidco have been all over FPL for years now and they love us. Perhaps we’ve been a bit too repetitive about them in the past, so we’re looking to bring you more quality introductory offers and even some for existing members. Remember, Quidco is the no-brainer cashback site, not the payday loans site. That’s QuickQuid. We don’t promote them… Here’s a great example of a Quidco new member offer:

5. MoneySavingExpert.com

Not a “partner” as such, but since the early days they’ve helped spread the word about FPL and been a great support. We love MSE so we’re taking the opportunity to mention them. If you’re not signed up to their weekly newsletter you’re probably a lunatic.