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Blog I am your father. Give me something!

I am your father. Give me something!

by Chris | Tips

darth vaderAre you stuck for what to get him? Realised you can’t do socks for the fourth year in a row? Me too. I’d love to get my Dad a 200ft offshore racing boat.

And I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t exactly disapprove of the idea. Sadly though, money isn’t growing on trees around me at the moment so I’ve opted for this slightly smaller model and I might even stretch to some batteries. After all, it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?

NB. You’ll notice that lots of the ideas in this list are from Prezzy Box so make the most of the Quidco offer to get £10 cash back on your first purchase at Prezzy box for new members.

Fancy splashing a little cash and treat your old man to the experience of his lifetime? How about laps around prestigious race courses in an Aston Martin DB9. Or, if you’re feeling really generous you could even buy him the real thing to show off to his friends in the office…

You can’t go wrong here. What kind of Dad doesn’t like bacon? Or brushing his teeth with bacon? Or washing his hands with bacon? Or keeping his hard earned dosh wrapped in bacon?

For those dearly beloved Grandads, or those Dads who don’t have much hair left at all anymore, here are some ideas to keep them on their toes this Father’s Day with senior moments memory workout, the ladybird book of the mid-life crisis, the gardeners’ real ale tuck tin, or a personalised garden tools set.

Does your Dad keep up with the latest facial hair trends and have a beard or have his cheeks not seen sunlight since George Michael made stubble acceptable in the 80’s? Either way, he could probably do with some maintaining and management tips from the Beard and Moustache Management book and then try them out with the pocket sized, on-the-go Damn Handsome Beard Grooming Kit.

If you’re feeling soppy, after all, he is your Dad, and it’s Father’s Day, then you could let him know how special he is to you with Personalised Daddy Slate Keepsake, or remind him every time he has his morning coffee, with 50% off this personalised mug or every time he unlocks the front door.

Do you want to remind your Dad of his ‘Dadly duties’ on this day? Bad Jokes, BBQs and Beer? Then here’s what you need: A personalised pint glass, The Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes and £5 off craft beers .

For those new Dads, who haven’t realised what they’ve let themselves in for, or are struggling from excessive sleep deprivation and are only just beginning to realise, there are perfect presents for you too: Haynes Dad Manual, a personalised Fathers’ Day blue or pink bodysuit, socks from the “bump”, or a case of new craft beers to wash down the bittersweet agony of new parenthood.

Anyway, I hope you find this helpful. I’m glad Chris asked me to do some research. I’m now stocked up for the next decade!

Grace 🙂