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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Tips Why you should grow your Bonus!

Why you should grow your Bonus!

by Chris | Bonuses, Earn extra bonus, Tips

Did you know that around 40% of the money we give away is member’s Bonuses?

Yep, that’s right, a whopping 40% of all the money we give away at Pick My Postcode is Bonus amounts!

On our website, you may have seen that we have given away over £1.5m to our members, but did you know that this figure doesn’t include Bonus money? We have actually given away much more than that!

In 2021, £260,545 was won across our nine draws. Of that, £113,000 was Bonus money! That’s 43.3% of the money claimed.

The Bonus may seem ‘pointless’ to some members, accruing 3p a day may seem insignificant to begin with, but as that number starts to grow and you start adding to it by completing surveys and offers, your Bonus will be something you can be proud of!

What is the Bonus?

Your Bonus is added to your winnings each time you win*. Your Bonus does not reset after a win.  

You can increase your Bonus by visiting our website everyday, completing offers and by doing surveys.

*PLEASE NOTE* Your Bonus is added to your winnings when you win. You cannot withdraw it before that. This is a Bonus – not cashback!

Bonus Draws

You may have also noticed our three Bonus draws. These are extra draws you can access by growing your Bonus:

  • £5 Bonus Draw
  • £10 Bonus Draw
  • £20 Bonus Draw


Each Bonus draw is exclusive to members with the specified Bonus. The £20 Bonus draw has some of the best odds to win, since members are required to have a minimum of a £20 Bonus to enter.

How can you grow your Bonus?

The first way you can grow your Bonus is by visiting our website everyday. Doing this will increase your Bonus by 3p every single day.

For every new Main Draw you check it increases by 1p

For every new Survey Draw you check it increases by 1p 

For every new Video Draw you check it increases by 1p

The Bonus is tracked from midday to midday, just like the draws. So you’ll need to wait for a new set of results before you’re eligible to claim another penny Bonus.

*Excluding the £5 Flash Draw

You can boost your Bonus even more by referring friends & neighbours  & taking up some of our carefully chosen offers and surveys!

You can earn up to £200 by referring your friends and family.

To help you build your PMP Bonus and support our free prize draws, we conduct research with several third party survey providers; Sampicio.us, Pollfish, Prodege, and Your Surveys. Each survey is targeted at a specific audience and each offer different Bonus totals, depending on their length and depth.

Our offers and surveys can earn you anything between 20p to £20.

You can find various offers over on our Bonus draw page. Offers that offer a Bonus will display a green badge which read “add £8 to your Bonus”, for example.

Fancy increasing your Bonus by completing offers? Why not try some of these?

Enjoy unlimited magazines & newspapers – 1 month free! – Add £7 to your Bonus.

Get 1 month FREE trial with Audible – Add £4 to your Bonus.

Get your FREE Experian Credit Score and see if you can Boost it! – Add £5 to your Bonus.

Try smol Laundry Capsules For FREE – Add £2 to your Bonus.

2 weeks FREE* tailored dog food from tails.com – Add £5 to your Bonus.

Featured image by SteveBulley, Pixabay