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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Liverpool resident wins over £800 on Main Draw!

Liverpool resident wins over £800 on Main Draw!

by May | Community, Family, Local, News, Social Media, Winner feedback

Last week, Mike won a whopping £826.78 on the main draw after checking daily for years.

Mike, 42 has been checking daily for years until his postcode finally came up on Thursday, bagging him over £800. 

When asked about his reaction to winning, he said: “I’ve just done a happy dance around the office at work!!” We would have done the same with a big win like yours, Mike!

The full-time administrator and part-time personal trainer from Ormskirk was referred to the site by a family member.

Referring someone can help to boost your bonus by as much as £200, as well as meaning we will be able to give away bigger prize pots because we will have more people on the site, so it’s really a win-win for everyone!

He said: “It’s come at just the right time as we needed to replace our bathroom and were worried about how to pay for it.”

He also said he had two birthdays coming up in October so some of the winnings would go towards them!

Since 2017 the total winnings of Liverpool Locals is a huge £32,371.15. £24,000 of that is the prize draw winnings and the remaining £7000 were members’ bonuses. There are multiple chances every day for your postcode to win, as long as you check the site. 

It’s free to enter and easy to check if you’ve been picked. What are you waiting for sign up today!”

We love having big wins like this! It’s exactly the kind of thing Chris wanted when he first started Pick My Postcode. So we hope for more like this in the future!

Congratulations, Mike and Family.
Good luck in future draws everyone!

May 🙂