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Blog Winner feedback Nice to MSE you!

Nice to MSE you!

by Chris | News, Winner feedback

chrisFor the third week running we’ve been featured in the MoneySavingExpert.com weekly newsletter! I just wanted to say thanks and to welcome the many thousands of new money-savvy members.

Two weeks ago, we were amongst “This week’s top deals”, and last week we were in the “Did you miss?” section. So, I was not expecting to feature in their “Successes of the week” section this week, after they picked up on a Facebook comment our Main Draw page from Reihan Trandafir:

“I just want to say a huge thank you to you PMP. I have won the main draw yesterday 1000£+ 7.17£ bonus. It is unbelievable for me, winning for the second time here. Huge thanks, also for the site from where I found out about you, Martin Lewis. Love it here, especially that I don’t need to pay a ticket to play.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️”

A few months ago I wrote a gushing article about how they have “supported” us over the years by regularly including links to us on their site and in their newsletters. “Supported” is in quotation marks because they are doggedly impartial, and any implication of endorsement or partnership where there is none goes against what they stand for. Rightly, if we got up to no good we’d fully expect them to expose us. I’d like to think we’re already well-behaved, but perhaps their omniscience has made us, and many many others, more so.

If you haven’t signed up to their weekly newsletter, you really ought to. We’re lucky to have them and, sycophantic as this will sound, Founder Martin Lewis’s transition to (I)TV has been excessively impressive.


Chris & Team