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Blog No more energy bill rip-offs

No more energy bill rip-offs

by Chris | Money Saving, News, Tips, Websites

chrisThe energy market is broken and you, the customer, pays for it. We’ve teamed up with Look After My Bills, an innovative new automatic supplier switching service to fix the problem for good.

Look After My Bills (LAMB) has been launched by The Big Deal, a collective consumer bargaining group which, until now, was a rival to our own Tariff Team.

When few suppliers dominate a market they avoid lowering prices, since their competitors will simply follow their lead to retain their share of the pie. When lots of customers switch in unison, the energy companies are enticed to break these tacit pricing “agreements” to increase their slice.

The Big Deal has 400,000 members. It’s moved over £120 million of energy custom and saved it’s members over £15 million.

LAMB extends the bargaining power of The Big Deal and adds a 100% free automatic switching service. Collective switching is great, but the energy companies know that most of you won’t bother switching again when the initial deal has expired. Effectively, the cost of the cheap deals is passed onto the loyal customers, and the fat cats still get fatter:

“Customers who fail to switch their energy, broadband or insurance providers could be paying up to £1,000 extra a year” – Citizens Advice

Switching is super easy these days, but remembering to do it is another matter, not to mention some comparison sites not exactly making comparisons fair. The beauty of LAMB is that, once you’re signed up, it will do it all for you – FOR FREE!

Here’s how it works:

  • You enter some basic details so they can scour the market for you.
  • They find a great deal that they can switch you to immediately.
  • You authorise them to get you cheaper energy every year.
  • When your contract nears expiry, they switch you to another great deal just before your supplier puts your price up.
  • They report back to you, letting you know you are switching, so you are in total control.
  • You get cheap energy year after year – and never waste time worrying about bills again.

Joining takes just two minutes, you don’t need a bill to hand and you can sign up even if your current deal hasn’t ended.

There’s no obligation, and if you’re unhappy with the deal for whatever reason you can opt out.

So… What are you waiting for?!