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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Statistics PMP Ya Later 2021!

PMP Ya Later 2021!

by Chris | News, Statistics

chrisAnother (🤔) interesting year is over. 2021 was, of course, dominated by the pandemic and has ended in a cliffhanger as our scientists (🙏) work out quite what this new variant is up to. But, we’ve ended the year mostly vaccinated, having started it only a couple of days after the first vaccine was approved. And… PMP members collectively claimed over £283k for free!

Not to mention just over £190k of missed winnings, and nearly £2k donations to charity through our Double & Donate scheme.

The postcode areas with the biggest total wins were:

Region Claimed Winners Misses
B £13625.88 110 570
PO £12465.91 100 496
EX £10790.70 81 330
NR £9970.02 69 320
M £9460.78 73 421

This would be expected, because these are the postcode areas with the most members. For example, B (Birmingham) has 12,973 active members. If we look at the amount won per active member we can see that the most “lucky” postcode areas were:

Region Claimed Winners Misses
SM £2664.77 16 55
EX £10790.70 81 330
JE £1897.45 15 110
HD £3356.60 23 101
NR £9970.02 69 320

Actually, it’s probably more accurate to praise the dedication of our members in SM, EX, JE, HD, and NR, because you make your own luck in PMP, by remembering to check the winning results!

Look after yourselves and best of luck for 2022!


Chris & Team 🙂