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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Where have all the rollovers gone?

Where have all the rollovers gone?

by Chris | FAQ

Despite the prize money doubling the pot has only exceeded £100 a couple of times so far this year. Why?

Back in sleepy 2013 the number of new registrations grew at a slow but steady pace. The “recruitment” rate marginally exceeded the rate at which users lost interest. Roughly two thirds of entries had become inactive and therefore two thirds of draws went unclaimed. So, on average each claimed prize was a 3-times rollover (£60 at the time). Of course, some of these were much bigger rollovers (eg. £240 twice) and sometimes there was a run of low claims.

However, recent events have lead to a sudden surge of new registrations which has reversed the balance of active vs. inactive users. Now, roughly two thirds of entries are active. This is why we’re seeing so many £40 and £80 claims.

Fear not though. A sad inevitability is that many of our new recruits will lose interest (though I hope they don’t!) and the inactive portion will surely rise in proportion in future. So, the rollovers will be back. And we’ll break the £240 record before the year is over I’m sure!

If you’re interested you can see the entire history of the main daily draw including whether they were claimed or rolled over on our Draw History page.