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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog News South Lanarkshire man wins £2,500 on Main Draw

South Lanarkshire man wins £2,500 on Main Draw

by May | Community, News, Winner feedback

Johnny, a South Lanarkshire resident, won £2,530.39 on the free online lottery, Pick My Postcode!

Johnny joined in 2020 and has been building his bonus ever since. The Main Draw had rolled over twice to be a total of £600, so alongside his amazing bonus of £1,930.39, he walked away with £2,530.39 completely for free. “I was truly stunned”, he said. “I check the new draw every day at 12.00pm. I had to look at my postcode three times before it sunk in it was mine”. He plans to put his winnings towards a large home repair and any remaining winnings he wants to put towards a break away.

There are 1,910 active members with an ML postcode and since 2017, the residents have won a total of £8,372.56.

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Note: Pick My Postcode, formerly Free Postcode Lottery, is and always will be free.