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Blog Offers Summer Reading Sorted

Summer Reading Sorted

by Ben | Deals, Discounts, Offers

I love magazines but nowadays find them to be overly expensive, bulky and fragile. This is where Readly comes in handy: it’s an app that lets you access more than 4,000 magazines on tablets and smartphones for a fraction of the cost of a hard copy – and this summer they’re offering TWO months unlimited reading for just 99p.

As a youngster, I would often sit in the supermarket aisle and read the latest children’s magazines. Today I like to think I’m a little bit more sophisticated and try to read material aimed towards ‘grown-ups’. While they’re not my cup of tea, I do also check-out the occasional celeb and automobile mag. Key here is that I wouldn’t usually go out and buy a magazine on these topics, especially as it could cost me £4+ for the privilege. With Readly, however, I can explore as many publications that I have the time to read. It’s a great way to discover new titles I probably wouldn’t have considered or noticed (and not just the celeb stuff!). It also means that I can ignore the 7 year old issues of Good Housekeeping in the doctors waiting room.

Once you’ve subscribed, you can use Readly anyplace, anytime on 5 different devices. It’s a nice touch as you can share the app with family and friends, like Netflix. For casual browsing, have it on your phone. For serious reading, have it on your tablet – it’s totally up to you. With downloadable content and so much choice – from Time, OK, Hello, Men’s Health, Tech Advisor, Traveller, Scientific American and Beano – there’s something for everyone. Another bonus is that the app is updated with the latest issues. You also have access to a back catalogue of magazines, so you can read old ones you’ve missed. Plus, since all users can view material simultaneously, nobody needs to scramble to get their hands on the hard copy first, or be accused of hogging, which was a considerable problem growing-up in my family.

In the summertime, if I’m lucky enough to go away on holiday, it’s a real pleasure to read on a balcony, outside a cafe, somewhere with a stunning view or the beach. Since Readly is used on digital devices, you no longer have to worry about the magazine being blown away, getting soaked or creased. But I suppose you do have to worry about your tablet or phone getting nicked. By allowing you to access thousands of magazines anywhere at the click of a button, it means you carry less and is also a great way of reducing paper waste.

All you need to do is simply install their app and subscribe. After the 2 month offer period ends, the app costs just £7.99 a month. This means you still have access to thousands of magazines for the price of just 2 or 3 in a shop – and you can cancel this subscription at any point. Subscribe and we’ll also include a £8 PMP bonus. Enjoy! Ben 🙂